1. Unpacking the Washer Cycles on Your Washing Machine

    Most washing machines have a ton of settings, but if you’re like most people, you use the same settings and cycles over and over again with no real thought as to why. You just pick one, and go. But those washer cycles do have different functions, and if you’re not using them, you’re not gettin…Read More

  2. The Lonely Cooktop: What It Would Tell You in Terms of Care

    Your cooktop is one of the most underrated appliance components in your kitchen. As part of your stove, it oftentimes gets lumped in with it, and it is often overlooked for the job it does day in and day out, frying your eggs in the morning, heating up a cheese sandwich for lunch, and boiling noodle…Read More

  3. Common Laundering Mistakes

    No one really likes doing the laundry. It’s time consuming; it’s annoying; it’s downright painful at times. However, the laundry is as much a part of life as bathing — it's something you have to do regularly in order to function in this world. In your quest to speed up this mind-numbing task…Read More

  4. Why You Need to Hire a Professional for Appliance Repair Services

    With the proliferation of DIY shows on TV, many people think they can DIY just about any job around the house. While this may be true for the simpler jobs, such as painting your home or replacing door knobs or faucet fixtures, this is almost always not true for appliance repair services. Just becaus…Read More

  5. Why You Need to Maintain Your Washer

    In our last blog post, Omega Force Services, the best appliance repair shop in the Twin Cities, discussed the importance of dryer maintenance and some of the reasons you want to keep your dryer in tip-top shape. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why you need to keep your washing machine maintained.…Read More

  6. Dryer Fires: Why You Need to Clean Your Lint Trap

    Most of us will agree that washer and dryers are very useful inventions. There’s not many left who remember having to wash clothes by hand and then hang them on the clothesline (there’s probably not many kids who even know what a clothesline is either). When either the washer or the dryer goes d…Read More

  7. Top 10 Tips for Organizing your Fridge

    Do you struggle on a daily basis to find items in your refrigerator? Does the ketchup bottle always seem to be hiding behind the milk carton? Does the jar of pickles vanish on the top shelf behind the eggs? And didn’t you just put the cheesecake on the second shelf? Omega Force Services offers ref…Read More

  8. Troubleshooting Your Microwave Oven

    Possibly there is not a more demanding crisis than when the microwave oven goes down. All activity in the home stops as fixing the microwave oven becomes priority number one. After all, no coffee can be reheated, no mac & cheese made, no Hot Pockets cooked, and, worst of all, no chocolate melted…Read More

  9. The Most Common Washer And Dryer Problems

    Thanks to the washer and dryer we don’t have to wash our clothes by hand any more, which helps make Tide Pods actually usable. A staple in the American household for decades, washers and dryers work hard to make our live easier. Sometimes though, they work a little too hard and need a little maint…Read More