Some people like to hang their clothes on a line to dry outside in the fresh air. That’s nice. But most days in Minnesota, it’s either too humid to dry anything, or it’s so bloomin’ cold your boxers turn to cardboard. If your dryer is making you wear soggy bottoms, please call us for appliance repair.

Before you call

Our Service Heroes love getting their hands dirty and fixing appliances all day long, but we also love helping our customers save time and money. So BEFORE you call, we suggest checking a few things, just in case. Who knows, maybe you can fix it yourself — you can be a hero too! — and we can save you the time and cost of an appliance service call. Here are a few common things to look for:



  • Check the dryer vent to make sure it’s clear.
  • Record any error codes you see.
  • Turn the breaker off, and then back on, to verify it’s not tripped.
  • Unplug the unit for 2 minutes and plug it back in to reboot any circuit boards.
  • Make sure the unit is plugged in plug a lamp into the outlet to verify that outlet has power.
  • If you have a gas dryer, make sure the gas is turned on behind the dryer, and on the supply line (usually by the furnace).
  • Run the dryer empty to verify if it is heating.
  • Make sure it is not on the air fluff setting.


Scheduling your dryer repair service

  • When scheduling an appliance repair call you can pick your desired time slot: either 8AM-12PM or 12PM-4PM.
  • We will call you the day of your appointment between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM to narrow down our arrival to a 2 hour window. We’re happy to call on the way so you can meet us.
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